Thursday, August 19, 2010


[click to enlarge]

I've been neglecting my blog for most of the summer. But, for a good reason - I have been busy working on my business interest in race/sports photography. Well, I took a weekend off and we took a family camping trip up to Jay Cooke State Park in Duluth, MN. Had a great time, and I was able to take photos of something other than sweaty athletes!


  1. Welcome back. Intriguing shot, Roger. Nice lines and light on that cable, but I want to know what's it holding!! I like the look of that meandering stream in the background.

  2. Glad you asked Carol - the cable is holding the suspension bridge that I'm walking on. The suspension bridge, originally built by the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) during the Great Depression, spans across the beautiful St. Louis River near Duluth MN.

  3. That works really well with the nature in the background