Thursday, April 22, 2010

Skywatch Friday - St. Thomas

[click to enlarge]

I'm struggling to adapt my image processing to Adobe Lightroom. I think I'll like Lightroom, but this learning curve is a steep one! It was good to take a break from file management and look at a photo of St. Thomas.


  1. That looks like paradise to me! What a terrific capture, Roger! Love the boats on the water! I'm sure you'll have Lightroom down in no time. Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Great color! Especially the water...

  3. I sorry to say have never been to St. Thomas....but never say never....what a glorious sky you have captured.

    I was reading your bio and I like how you talk about looking at things you I have my camera with me wherever I ops are always there.....

  4. The sky is beautiful, but it is the awesome blue of the water that I love most of all!

  5. To colors are fabulous! Don't allow Lightroom to take over your PC. You'll quickly learn to enjoy it's capabilitie, though.

  6. Such an awesome view! And yes Adobe lightroom is a nice software for image processin! :-)

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