Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Horse Shoe Nails Meet Stained Glass

One of my other hobby-turned-business is designing and building stained glass windows. I prefer to build windows with the traditional lead came, so I assemble the entire window first, and then go back and weld the lead joints. It is also tradition to use horse shoe nails to help hold the pieces of glass in place while assembling the window.

You can see some of my windows at www.rgbglass.com .


  1. Two hobbies in one shot. Now to make this into two businesses.

  2. Nice detail. We definitely see those are not your common or garden nails.

  3. I saw your website gallery, some really lovely designs for stained glass windows... superb work! It's amazing to see people like you who actually can turn their hobbies into business. Cerntainly looks from the pictures in your website BIO that you're enjoying the work you're doing....

    And as far as this shot is concerned, you've nicely managed to show two hobbies in the same picture! :-)