Friday, June 19, 2009

Apple Valley Municipal Center

The Municipal Center is the government hub of Apple Valley, MN. It houses the Police and the City employees. An interesting feature of this entry is the grid of tubing embedded in the cement. Hot water circulates through the tubing in the winter when it's snowing - the cement slab warms up, and no shoveling is required! This is a pretty nice feature in Minnesota.

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  1. I like the squareness and sharp angles of this design.

    We're having an informal Twin Cities photo-blogging get together photo-shoot on June 26th at St. Anthony Main area. We'll meet somewhere in the area from 3:00 to 7:00. This way it's a flexible get together to allow for work, dinner, and wandering around.

    If your interested, let me or Mitch at Mitchster know and we'll exchange cell numbers. That's exchange cell numbers with you. (Mitch and I already have each others numbers). That way we an pin point with where we we are exactly to meet up.

    Don't worry, there is no specific schedules, rules, or criteria. Hope to see you there.